Everything To Know About Pre Diabetes & How to Reverse It

Pre-diabetes is the risk of onset of diabetes but it is not considered diabetes. This means that your blood sugar level is higher than the normal blood sugar level but not as high to be called diabetes or type II diabetes. According to the Center for Disease Control, (CDC), about 79 million American adults now have Prediabetes.

Learning about Prediabetes means that you can have the disease of diabetes in the near future if you do not control your eating habits. It is believed that the people who have Prediabetes can develop type 2 diabetes within the next 10 years or less. Not only the risk of being a diabetic increased with Prediabetes, the risk of other severe diseases like cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders and several others which can prove fatal for your health.

So it is really important for you to know your chances and control it before it is too late.

Symptoms & Causes of Prediabetes

Exact causes of Prediabetes is not known yet but it is believed that it is mostly dependent upon the heredity and genetics of the family. However, many types of researches have proved that excess fat, inactivity and some genes related to insulin resistance play an important role in the development of Prediabetes.

In the person suffering from Prediabetes, the processing of sugar do not take place and this causes the glucose to increase in the bloodstream instead of providing the fuel and energy that cannot be taken up by muscles and the tissues.

Prediabetes is the risk of being a diabetic so the symptoms of Prediabetes are often the same symptoms as that of diabetes. Following are some of the symptoms of Prediabetes:

  • Darkened skin or certain darkened parts of the body.
  • Increased thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased weight

How to cope with the Prediabetes?

To fight from this deadly disease, there is only a single key which is the early intervention of Prediabetes.  And to do early intervention you must have to get your weight and blood glucose up to the level so that there is the less risk of being diabetic.

Prediabetes helps the patients to concentrate more on their health and eating lifestyles. Lifestyle changes can help the patients suffering from Prediabetes to delay and to prevent the onset of diabetes. According to various research studies, there are three lifestyle changes that can help the diabetes patient to get their diabetes under control and the pre-diabetics to prevent the risks of getting diabetes. These lifestyle changes are mentioned below:

  1. Weight control
  2. Physical Workout
  3. And Healthy Eating

These three lifestyle changes are interconnected and can greatly affect the health of the persons who are showing the symptoms of pre-diabetes. As the weight control, physical workout and healthy nutrition can lead to a healthy you then it can also help you to cope with the symptoms and ill health conditions of Prediabetes.

Weight Control

Diabetes whether it is the pre-diabetes or the other types of diabetes, they are closely related with the weight. Gaining weight is the worst thing that you can do with you when you are having diabetes. According to the recent research, almost 90% of newly diagnosed patients of diabetes are overweight. This means that diabetes is likely to occur to those patients who are obese or overweight.  And same is the case with prediabetics. The more you gain weight, the more are your chances of getting diabetes.

So it is suggested for those patients to reduce weight so that they can reduce the symptoms of diabetes and pre-diabetes. So controlling the weight is the only way out. In a research study, it is proved that cutting your weight only about 5 to 7 % can lower the risk of pre-diabetics of getting diabetes.

Physical Activity

Moving more is the thing that you can do to keep your glucose levels in check and pre-diabetes under prevention. Physical activity is the essential part of the treatment plan of pre-diabetes because it lowers the blood sugar and also it decreases the body fats. It also relieves the stress and improves your blood circulation and keeps your joints flexible.

Many kinds of physical activities can be a part of your daily routine that indirectly benefits you and your pre-diabetes. Like:

  • Activity such as walking, moving up and down, doing domestic chores.
  • Aerobic exercise such as swimming, dancing, and
  • Strength training like doing gym
  • Flexible exercises like stretching etc.

These exercises may prove to be helpful in lowering your blood glucose levels when you perform them on the regular basis. You can make exercise and physical activity more fun by joining with your friends and buddies so that you can do it in a more broad way by keeping it at a comfortable level.

Healthy Eating

Diet and nutrition play a very important role in maintaining the blood glucose level. If you eat less and healthy, you will be able to carry out more energy reactions while maintaining your healthy body weight. If your eating habits are ideal, then you will be able to control your weight in a very healthy manner.

Ideal eating habits mean to have the meals that are nutrient dense and are able to provide you energy with the result in no gain in body weight. If you work with the registered dietician on the basis of pre-diabetes and diet, then he will guide you the best about the right diet for you. However, you must go through the foods which are low in calories and high in complex carbs can definitely do help in maintaining your blood glucose levels.

Some Diet Principles To Keep Your Sugar Levels in Check

Here are some diet principles that can keep your blood sugars normal by preventing them to rise upwards. So have a look at the following diet guidelines so that it becomes easy for you to cope with the Prediabetes:

1. Choose Your Carbohydrates Carefully

Carbohydrates come in several types. Not all the carbohydrates are good for diabetics and the choices for the pre-diabetic diet differ from regular dietary choices. Whole grains like brown rice, wheat bread, lentils are a good choice of carbohydrates for a diet of prediabetes. And on the other hand limit the intake of processed carbs like pasta, white rice etc.

2. Eat Full Fibers

Eating full fiber, nutrient dense diet can help you to lower your glucose level and also makes you feel more energetic. Eat plenty of rich fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

3. Be Choosy About Fats

Fats should be used sparingly when it comes to the diet of the pre-diabetics. Good fats should be taken like the olive oils, nuts, avocados etc. and avoid the fats coming from sweets, cakes, pastries, candy. You can swap the high-fat dairy products to low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt etc. to prevent the symptoms of pre-diabetes.

4. Stay Always Hydrated

Staying hydrated makes you feel healthy and less hungry. Drinking plenty of water can help you to lower your blood glucose level and helps to reduce the body weight.

5. Limit Smoking And Alcohol Intake

Cigarette smoke and alcohol contains the chemicals that are harmful to the patients of diabetes. These chemicals can worsen diabetes and also helps to promote cardiovascular diseases. Ask your doctor if you feel incomplete without these they would prescribe according to your health.

So the best way to limit the chances of diabetes is to adopt these lifestyle changes with smart food choices. Have the right mindset and these will definitely add up. Early medical intervention and these lifestyle changes will allow you to do away with the pre-diabetes and its ailments.

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