What are Common Diabetes Medicine Names with Price?

Want to know about diabetes medicine to treat type 2 diabetes? Diabetes is a common condition affecting people with higher blood glucose levels. This happens when the body cannot make enough insulin like it is supposed to. You can either manage diabetes naturally or simply treat it using the medications.

People with either type of diabetes – Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 need medications to help keep their blood sugars to normal. So we have compiled a list of common diabetes medicines to give you all an idea of the treatment options available for you. Scroll down to know about the diabetes medications and their prices.

Diabetes Medicines For Type 2 Diabetes

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, your body makes enough insulin but your body is no longer able to use it well. So most of the medications for type 2 diabetes helps people with diabetes to use insulin well and get rid of extra sugar in the blood.

The following are some of the diabetes drug classes available for diabetes type 2 in the States.

1. Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors

This class of drug helps the body to break down starchy foods and table sugar. This effect lowers the blood sugar levels. For the best results, these drugs are prescribed to be taken before the meals. These drugs include:

  1. Precose – $40.80 for 120 tablets
  2. Glyset – $295 for 100 tablets

2. Biguanides

The most common biguanide is

  1. Metformin – $11 for 14 tablets
  2. Glucophage – $112 for 100 tablets
  3. Metformin Hydrochloride ER – $31 for 90 tablets
  4. Glumetza – $142 for 90 tablets
  5. Fortamet – $1.08 per pill

This class of drug describes how much the sugar is made by the liver of a diabetic. These drugs decrease the absorption of sugar levels in the intestines, make your body sensitive to insulin and help your muscles absorb glucose.

3. DPP-4 Inhibitors

DPP-4 inhibitors help the body continue to make insulin. They work by reducing blood sugar without causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). These drugs also help the pancreas to make more insulin. The drugs in this class include:

  1. Onglyza – $207 for 100 tablets
  2. Nesina – $309 for 30 tablets
  3. Kazano – $411 for 40 tablets
  4. Oseni – $411 for 30 tablets

4. Sodium glucose transporter (SGLT) 2 inhibitors

This type of diabetes medicine works by preventing the kidneys from holding on to glucose. Instead, your body gets rid of the glucose through your urine. These drugs include:

  1. Invokamet – $525 for 60 tablets
  2. Jardiance -$529 for 30 tablets
  3. Farxiga – $525 for 30 tablets

5. Glucagon-like peptides

These drugs mimic the action of a natural hormone called incertin. These drugs increase the B-cell growth and how much insulin the body uses. They decrease the appetite and thereby reduces the weight. These drugs include:

  1. Tanzeum – $553 for 4 injections
  2. Victoza – $1000 for 3 injections
  3. Byetta – $764 for 1 injection
  4. Trulicity – $771 for 1 injection

6. Sulfonylureas

These are among the oldest diabetes drugs still used today. They work by stimulating the pancreas with the help of beta cells. This causes your body to make more insulin. These drugs include:

  1. Amaryl – $147 for 100 tablets
  2. Tolinase – $118 for 200 tablets

Disclaimer: This post is only for information purpose. Ask your doctor which diabetes drug may be the best fit for you. Your doctor will make recommendations based on the type of diabetes you have, your health, and other factors. All the prices mentioned here are estimated. Contact your local pharmacy to get a quote on the specific diabetes medicine.

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