9 Tips for Living a Healthy Life With Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a life-threatening condition that is accompanied by a number of complications. However, if you want to live a healthy life with diabetes, you need to follow the following tips. We have compiled 9 best tips that not only help you to maintain your blood glucose levels but also will help you to escape from its complications.

#1, Maintain Weight Effortlessly

Want to maintain your weight? All you need is to do a 30-minute workout that not only maintains your weight but allow you to stay in shape. As a matter of fact, regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining your metabolism and weight. According to research suggested, exercising at least 30 minutes per day promotes weight maintenance by maintaining the balance between caloric input and output.

#2, Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Is the gym not your cup of tea? Don’t fret. You can maintain your weight by eating a healthy breakfast. Being the first and the most important meal of the day, breakfast not only provides the fuel to work efficiently throughout the day but also assists you with your weight maintenance goals. A study conducted on the subject found that 78% of 2,959 people who maintained their weight never skipped their breakfast for a year, every day.

#3, Boost Your Workout Stamina With Nuts

If you are a gym freak and want to boost your stamina and performance during a workout, nuts are your best friends. Nuts like walnuts, cashews are rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, and antioxidants that besides providing you with energy also stimulates testosterone that boost your performance during the workout. You can eat a handful of nuts or enjoy them in your pre-workout smoothie to get more from your workout.

#4, Coffee is Your Friend

Don’t fear coffee if you want the fat reduction to fullest. Coffee has been underestimated for a long now but a number of scientific studies have backed up the fact that coffee is actually very healthy – for your heart, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other conditions and for fat metabolism. Coffee is rich in antioxidants and studies have shown that coffee drinkers tend to live longer. Caffeine can boost metabolic rate and supports fat burning.

#5, Get Enough Fiber to Improve Your Gut Health

Taking care of your gut improves immunity and helps in weight loss. This is not what we are saying but a number of studies have suggested that the bacteria in your gut are incredibly important to escape from chronic diseases including obesity. So improving your gut health means taking care of the gut bacteria, For that, eat your probiotics like yogurt, sauerkraut. Take prebiotic supplements and eat plenty of fibers. This not only helps maintain gut bacteria but also aids in weight reduction.

#6, Lazy Way to Lose Weight

Looking for a lazy weight to lose weight? Drink water before meals. It is no surprise for us that drinking water can have numerous benefits however, drinking water at the appropriate time is important. Drinking some water before meals allow your GIT to boost the calories you burn while providing you with the feeling of fullness. In fact, one study showed, a half a liter of water, 30 minutes before meals increases weight loss by 44%. Great, isn’t it?

#7, Laugh it Out

Laughing and smiling has been known to improve your mental and physical health for a long time. This is because of the fact that laughing and smiling releases the happy hormone in the body, increases blood flow by 20% and is good for your heart health. According to a recent study, it is found that laughing 100 times is equivalent to exercising for 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle. This means you can lose weight by laughing.

#8, Morning Stretching is All You Need To Stay Healthy

Copy your Kitty! You might have seen your kitty copying you, but copying him will improve your overall health. A number of studies have shown the fact that stretching just after waking up helps you to boost your blood circulation, digestion and eases back pain. It also helps you to kick start your day energetically. So learn to do some stretching exercises just after waking up.

#9, Keep a Food Diary To Lose Weight

Keeping a food diary will help you track your calories and will help you lose weight. Studies show that people who track their food intake in one way or another tend to be more successful at losing weight and sticking to a healthy diet. Mindful eating helps you to become more conscious and healthy. It will make you sure of what exactly you are eating, what is your protein intake and are you taking enough fiber. You can make a personal diary or simply go technical by using the tracking apps.

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